In this updated yoga website you will find details of my classes across West Essex and East London. The classes are suitable for anyone who is open to practice mindfully, so any shape or size male or female. It is very important to me that my classes are relaxed and friendly. That’s why I offer smaller personal groups, compared to some health clubs and leisure centres. In addition my sessions are personalised and there are no membership fees.

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I like to get into tune with the elements of yoga giving nourishment to the mind and body.  We all spend too much time taking by pushing in gyms and by doing circuit classes etc. There is never enough time spent on stretching.  Yoga is a slow sensitive lengthening of the muscles and joints, creating space around vital organs allowing them to work more efficiently

About me

I began practising Yoga some years ago, soon learning the amazing benefits that Yoga brings to the body and mind. My next step was enroling in a teacher training course with Godfrey Devreaux, at the Windfire School of Yoga. Initially I wanted to find a deeper understanding and nothing more, but was soon inspired to pass on what I had learned to others. I began to do this through running my own Yoga Classes and Workshops.

My yoga website

This new yoga website has details of the classes locally, can show you the benefits of yoga and some more about how I think yoga should be taught.

I believe in doing very little demonstration as I like my students to ‘feel it’ rather than ‘see it’.  We are all very different visually and therefore look very different when achieving any yoga position. I hope you enjoy my new yoga website and look forward to meeting you at a yoga lesson in the near future.

If you would like to find out more give me a call and book in to a yoga workshop near you!

Lorraine Jay

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