What is Pilates?

PILATES  is based on mindfully performing specific exercises to strengthen the core in order to prevent or ease spinal problems via stabilising the deep transverses abdominal muscles.  In time and with regular practice, these muscles will become stronger and  therefore more controlled resulting in the ability eventually to train the muscles to draw inwards giving the appearance of a flatter abdomen.

Correct posture and alignment will be encouraged throughout the practice.

The aim of Pilates is to focus the mind on performing controlled, progressive and intelligent exercises designed to stabilise the body by using the core muscles..

The aim is also to build flexibility and strength slowly and to work within one s capabilities and limitations.

Many people, like Joseph Pilates, have found this method of exercise totally life changing.

I began teaching Pilates around 12 years ago after having practiced for many years.

People come to me often because they have various spinal problems through bad posture and bad habits.

Once they discover how to use their muscles correctly, they find a remarkable difference in their wellbeing simply by making a few changes to their every day standing, walking  and living habits, which is why teaching Pilates is so rewarding.

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