Some people feel that Yoga is not for them, as it is perhaps TOO SLOW or maybe they feel that they are not FLEXIBLE enough.

Yoga is about working with your own limitations & capabilities, it is NON-COMPETITIVE as there are no goals to achieve, just a wonderful journey to be enjoyed.

In this crazy world we push ourselves to the limit with our work & lifestyles, we are expected to ‘look a certain way’ so we run/cycle/spin or even pump iron in the gym. All these activities are fine but they can release endorphins that actually mask discomfort within the body so as to perhaps not give the right signals to the brain to slow down, reduce your speed/intensity or the weights you are lifting. So maybe now is a good time to introduce Yoga as a complimentary therapy rather than just another way to stretch & tone the body (This will happen naturally if you allow it to).

Non competitive, integration of mind and body.

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