“I never thought the day would come when I would take my classes online.

Well that day did come approximately 5 weeks ago when we went to lockdown. After two weeks on Live Social Media which is a great platform but I was unable to see if my students were doing the moves correctly, I felt I had mastered Zoom.us enough to have a go and its going well.

We are all on a learning curve and in the beginning it was hit and miss if the links worked and if everybody had their camera in the right place but now the sessions are beginning and ending on time
There is a waiting room to allow students to arrive early and set themselves up.

My living room has now become my studio as there is not internet in mine. The feedback I have had is that people actually love it as they don t have to go out and fight for a space, they have it all in their own personal space.

Also, if they would rather stay in relaxation at the end of a session then they can.”